Deval Patrick on Trayvon Martin and 'The Code'

Deval Patrick on Trayvon Martin and ‘The Code.’ “It’s the curse of race,” Patrick said on Monday. “You always ask yourself: did that happen because of race or something else? I understand that feeling.” [Patriot Ledger]

Here’s to Hoping That What Happens in Vegas Comes to Boston. Menino or other top city officials will head to a major convention for shopping centers in Vegas next month in hopes of getting someone to set up shop in Downtown Crossing. But this year, Boston’s approach is different, according to Maria Morelli, the marketing chief of the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District. Morelli is pulling together a recruitment package flush with demographics, and, fingers crossed, that’s be enough to woo prospective businesses back to Boston. [Herald]

Scott Brown Plays Up Things He and Obama Agree On. Brown is visiting the White House today and tomorrow to attend the signing of two bills that he supports. The first bill, which Brown co-sponsored, would ban members of Congress, the Pres, and many federal workers from profiting from information they learned while on the job. The second bill includes a Brown-backed provision to encourage online crowdfunding. [WCVB]

Confirmed: Shaw’s Sucks, Lands List of Worst Supermarkets. The Consumer Reports survey, out yesterday, listed Shaw’s among the lowest-ranking grocery stores, thanks to high prices, confusing signs, inept bagging, shortage of checkout lanes, and more. Interestingly, not-yet-in-Boston Wegman’s came in the most favored supermarket. Hint hint. Wink wink. Nudge nudge. [Today]

April 4 is National Hug a News Anchor Day. The Fox 25 crew hugged it out this morning — before promptly reminding everyone to stay the heck away for the rest of the year. [Fox]

Renting a Rare Alligator Costs $2,000 a Month. Knowing is half the battle. [WCVB]