All Eyes on Boston University, and It's Kind of a Mess

All Eyes on Boston University, and It’s Kind of a Mess. Katie J.M. Baker does some dot-connecting on the school’s hockey team, rape culture, hammered sorority sisters, newspaper “jokes” about sexual assault, and Peeping Toms, all of which have garnered BU more than a couple of negative headlines in recent weeks. The conclusion? Blame the administration (and the meatheads)!  [Jezebel]

Federal Appeals Court Deciding Constitutionality of DOMA. “For the entire history of our country, the one constant about marriage law has been change,” says Mary Bonauto, of Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), who was a cornerstone in winning the lawsuit that legalized gay marriage in Massachusetts back in 2003. “Change that has been passionately contested between states and at times the federal government, even weighing in about whether it wanted to advance a constitutional amendment. But nonetheless, the federal government has consistently maintained deference to the states.”  [WBUR]

On Opening Day, Red Sox Already In a Hole. As Jason Schwartz pointed out yesterday: Why does it already feel like last September?  [ESPN]

MBTA Is the Newest Person/Place/Thing To Occupy. Organizers of Occupy Boston have spawned a 10-day encampment outside of the State House in hopes of swaying officials to rework the MBTA budget instead of proceeding with the service cuts and fare hikes (which start on July 1), according to Katie Gradowski, a spokeswoman for Occupy the MBTA.  []

So Much for Not Thinking About Baseball During Sex, Right Guys? Victoria’s Secret has expanded its PINK line to include all 30 MLB teams while also expanding its branding to cover every square inch of the female body.  [VS]