Are Google Glasses Taking It Too Far?

Are Google Glasses Taking It Too Far? CBS’s Jon Kellar has a fair point Google Glasses becoming the next big thing for those jerkfaces who text while driving or pushing a baby stroller up the sidewalk. But, last time we checked, no one was holding a gun to Kellar’s head and demanding he Go Go Gadget Glasses. [CBS]

How Tweeting and Texting Help the Boston Police Department. The BPD, which has the largest number of Twitter followers of any police department in the country, has had an uptick in the number of crime-solving tips thanks to Twitter and their text-a-tip-program. “It’s been really amazing for us,’’ says spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll. “Use of social media has provided an additional outlet for people to interact with law enforcement.” And, in case you missed the ads plastered all over the city, the BPD wants to say ‘thank you’ — but they don’t know who you are. []

Red Sox: 1 Loss Down, 161 Games to Go. Baseball gods: Please, please, please, please, PLEASE let us get a win or two this weekend. [ESPN]

Now Deval Patrick Pats The Herald on the Back. Last week, the governor stopped just short of calling the tab the scourge of journalism — but not so this week, the Herald reports. [Herald]

Beware! Bears Want to Stuff Their Faces With Your Garbage. Safety first, Northampton residents. [NPR]