The Gross Details of (Another) Boston University Hazing Incident

The Gross Details of (Another) Boston University Hazing Incident. This one isn’t so pretty: Five male BU students were found in the basement of an Allston apartment early Monday morning stripped down to their skivvies, bound together at the wrists with duct tape, and covered with flour, coffee grounds, fish sauce, chili sauce, honey, hot sauce, mustard, and empty sardine cans. Some had red welts on their backs and sections of their heads shaved. Police say the victims were “shivering and horrified and had fearful looks on their faces.” The BPD and BU police departments are investigating nine students, believed to be members of unrecognized fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi, in connection with the incident.  [BU Today | WCVB]

Guess Which MLB Team Has the Most Expensive Tickets in the Country? Shocker: It’s the $53.38-per-non-premium-seat-and-$7.25-for-a-small-beer Boston Red Sox … for the second year in a row. The prices at Fenway just edged out the prices at Yankee Stadium for the top of the list. And speaking of the Yankees, both teams finally got their acts together last night and notched their first wins of the season, so at least there’s that.  [Boston Business Journal]

Decades Later, Bill Baird Still Hears Echoes of ‘Baby Killer’ and ‘Butcher.’ Baird, who made national headlines back in 1967 after he did the unthinkable by showing contraceptives to students at Boston University, wrote in a letter to Sandra Fluke: “There will always be those who will try to deny us our freedoms. As you have seen, it takes eternal vigilance to fight against those forces.”  [AP]

How to Beat Tom Brady with Brains, Not Brawn. You can now take the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, which is administered to NFL hopefuls at the Scouting Combine, and see how you stack up against your favorite NFL players. Words of wisdom: Beating Tom Brady’s score of 33 (out of 50) doesn’t really mean that much in the grand scheme of things — but it sure as hell makes for decent bragging rights.  []

A Group of BU Students Made This Dumb Marathon Monday PSA. A few pointers from one group of BU students to others on how to survive the “most-anticipated day of the year,” a day when thousands of endurance athletes will push their bodies to the limit for 26.2 miles and, presumably, when students will push theirs to indulge in kegs and eggs, jungle juice, waking up on porches, and finding their phones submerged in a plastic cup of beer.