Heather Potts, BU Senior: 'We Need to Clean Up Our Act'

Potts, who is graduating BU in a few weeks and taking her rationality with her, wrote a totally serious, completely not joking letter to the editor in the Daily Free Press: “BU is not an urban circle of hell where sorority girls drink too much and frat boys are tied up in Allston dungeons until they are found by the police. It is not a place where rape and sexual assault are so commonplace that the school newspaper can joke about it on every page. At least I hope it isn’t, which is why I’m so saddened by all of these reports. And by the way, the fact that the administration thinks the only thing they need to do to counteract this seemingly endless outpouring of bad PR is to make a ‘task force’ isn’t exactly a good sign.” [Daily Free Press]