Video: Shock 'Treatment' at Judge Rotenberg Center Played for Jury

Video: Shock ‘Treatment’ at Judge Rotenberg Center Played for Jury. Fox cameras captured previously sealed video footage that was presented yesterday to the jury in a Norfolk Superior Court civil trial against the Judge Rotenberg Center, showing autistic teenager Andre McCollins screaming while being restrained, face down, and shocked for nearly seven hours at the JRC back in October 2002. Psychiatrist and expert witness Dr. Marc Whaley, testifying on McCollins’ behalf, said of the footage: “It’s a gross deviation from accepted standards. They’re treating him like an object. Just tying him down. Making sure that his arms and legs are fastened, but not engaging and certainly not trying to teach him anything about his behavior.” Whaley also testified that McCollins has never recovered from 31 or so shocks he received that day.

“I never signed up for him to be tortured, terrorized, and abused. I had no idea — no idea — that they tortured the children in the school,” Cheryl McCollins, mother of Andre Collins, also testified.  [Fox]

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