Opening Day at Fenway: 17 Diehard, Eccentric, Crazy Red Sox Fans

The start of baseball season truly is a special time for Boston: Red Sox fans, waiting with baited breath during the off-season, resurface for another year of baseball, Fenway turns zoo-like, and the air is thick with Boston accents chanting “Papi” (and profanity).

Luckily, today’s game and 12-2 win over the Rays, couldn’t come at a better time – Fenway turns 100 years old, Boston turns warm (and stays warm, let’s hope), and spring is in full swing. So it’s no surprise that Fenway was eclipsed with spirit from its diehard fans this afternoon (but let’s be real, being a Sox fan hasn’t been easy as of late). With that, we present some of our fave fans from the home opener.

The Obligatory Green Man

green man at fenway parkThere will always be one, official or not. Mike Taylor finally gets the fame and recognition he deserves after sporting the full-body, green suit to many a home game. And no, he doesn’t drink his brewskie through that stretchy suit.

Permanent Pride

red sox tattoo fanRyan McKinnon sports his team in ink. This is true commitment, people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Red-haired and Robby

fenway park fansMax Powers and Rob “Zombie” (too shy to give his real last name …) are silly and yes, a little bit crazy, after a sufficient number of innings and sufficiently expensive beers.

Mustache Mayhem

kid fans at fenway parkThe Vien siblings (from left to right: Gunnar, Megan and Alex) sport moustaches in spirit of the Sox.

stash fansIan Mabie (reciting “Call Me Maybe” lyrics so eloquently in response) and crew are also on the stache bandwagon. Apparently, tweeted or facebooked pictures with the moustaches gets you 4 free Sox tickets. Let’s hope this photo helps them out!

Spring Training for a Newborn?

red sox opening day fansChris Niki sure starts ’em young. He brought 6-week-old Regen to her first Sox game, suited up in red and white head wear (her little hat is pulled down in the photo, in hopes of capturing a glimpse of the cutie’s face). His wife, Nitiche Niki, is on deck with the decision.

A Good Sox Fan is One Who … Recycles?

fan on red sox openerSo the picture doesn’t exactly do this guy justice — but his shirt (and plastic bag filled with empty beer cans and water bottles) say it all. Bill Passman sports a T-shirt declaring the Red Sox and Poland Spring support recycling. Don’t be fooled: Passman was just as enthusiastic and cheer-happy as surrounding fans. Multitasking at its finest.


So there you have it. Some of the craziest, most diehard Red Sox fans — and maybe baseball fans in general — on opening day at Fenway Park. Let’s hope the Sox make the crazy worth it.