Red Sox Home Opener: This Video Will Give You The Red Sox Warm and Fuzzies

This Video Will Give You That Warm, Fuzzy, Red Sox Feeling. Meet lifelong Red Sox fan Bill Hogan Jr., who’s helping the Sox celebrate the 100th birthday of Fenway Park by throwing out the first pitch at tomorrow’s game, which also happens to be his 100th birthday, too. The whole video is fantastic, but we love the part that shows Hogan pumping some iron. At this point, he looks about ready to make it onto the starting lineup.  [AARP]

Is the Boston Marathon America’s Most Grueling Race? The Daily Beast, which looked at marathons with 5,000 or more runners and took into account the overall average finishing time, best average finishing time for the men’s winner, and the best average finishing time for the women’s winner, says no way.  [Daily Beast]

Franco Garcia’s Death Was Likely an Accident. A preliminary autopsy on Boston College student Franco Garcia shows that his tragic death appears consistent “with an accidental fall into the water,” according to Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley’s office. The autopsy showed Garcia didn’t suffer any broken bones or other significant injury.  [AP]

Tarek Mehanna Gets 17 1/2 Years for Aiding al Qaeda. Mehanna, who was convicted in December after he traveled to Yemen in 2004 to seek terror training, used the Internet to spread Al Qaeda’s message, and lied to federal authorities, told the judge yesterday that he “never plotted to kill Americans at shopping malls or anywhere else.”  [Reuters]

This Really Fast Runner Does The Boston Marathon in 2.5 Minutes. Not really. Ari Alexenberg created this video and dubbed in some Springsteen. The result is a high-speed documentary of the runner’s view through the race route for those of us who prefer to sit this one out.  [YouTube]