Search and Enjoy: A Marathon Scavenger Hunt

Hypnotized by the endless stream of marathoners on April 16? Make it a scavenger hunt.

How to Watch the Boston Marathon

Illustration by Resident Alien.

Boston’s 26.2 isn’t just the world’s oldest annually contested marathon (sorry, Greece). Boasting 500,000 spectators, it’s also New England’s most widely attended sporting event (sorry, Pats). But unless you’re on the lookout for a friend or family member, the race is hardly an on-the-edge-of-your-seat experience. Why else do you think all those people camp out at Boylston Street bars to guzzle pints? (Yes, okay, people do that at Gillette, too.) To add a little juice to Marathon Monday, challenge yourself to locate these folks among the finishers. The bonus for spotting them all? Another beer, of course!

Cool Runners
A who’s who of the impressive and impressively dressed in this year’s marathon. Pictured above, clockwise from top:

  • Geoffrey Mutai, last year’s men’s winner
  • The Burger Brigade, a 20-strong group dressed as burgers and fries from the local burger chain B.Good
  • Team Hoyt, the father-son pair that has run the race 29 years in a row (Dick pushes his son Rick in a wheelchair)
  • Wakako Tsuchida , the five-time female wheelchair champ
  • Neil Bernstein, the guy who dresses as the Pesky Pole


Extra points for finding: A barefoot runner, someone crawling across the finish line (hey, done is done), three different superheroes, a marriage proposal not at the finish line, Waldo.