Ann Romney: Political Weapon?

Ann Romney: Political Weapon? Don’t be fooled: Mitt Romney’s “sweetheart” (his words) is blossoming into an effective political weapon for the GOP, according to pretty much everyone on both sides of the aisle. [Herald]

Teen Homelessness in Mass.: Figures Don’t Paint Accurate Picture. But the story of Diamond McMillion, who became homeless when she was 16 and is now 26, certainly paints a picture of its own: “She remembers hopping from rooftop to rooftop along Boylston Street, looking for an apartment building that she and a band of other homeless teens could pry their way into to spend the night. The only bathrooms she ever used were in gas stations, but that never lasted long because attendants quickly caught on and banned her from using them.” []

Jeremy Lin, Mitt Romney Land Time‘s 100 Most Influential People List. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan wrote the rationale for Lin, while Bill Bain, the founder of Bain & Co. and cofounder of Bain Capital, wrote in for Romney. [Time]

Who Had the Best Boston Marathon Finish of the Year? This Guy! Sorry, Wesley Korir, even though you did finish the thing first, you didn’t do it with the style or pizzazz of Remus Medley, who overcame leg cramps by “walking” across the finish line on his hands. [Huffington Post]

Yankees President Donates to Scott Brown’s Campaign. Randy Levine, or as the Herald calls him, “The Commander of the Evil Empire,” donated $2,500 to support Brown’s re-election campaign. [Herald]

Speaking of Brown, His Dogs Are Named Koda and Snuggles. We know this because of the Dog Blog that’s now up on his website. [The Dog Blog]