Norway Killer Anders Breivik Has a Pen Pal in Massachusetts

Meet the Massachusetts Man Who’s Pen Pals with Anders Breivik. Kevin Forts, 23, of Worcester, likes “Family Guy,” Dave Matthews Band, and exchanging letters with the man responsible for slaughtering 77 people in Norway last July. “I believe that Breivik is a rational man who committed atrocious but necessary actions,” Forts told Norwegian VGTV in an interview that’s been translated back to English and widely circulated around the web. Forts’s friends and family tried to dissuade his relationship with Breivik, but he wants to maintain contact “… so that I can represent the views of Anders Breivik that have otherwise been demonized by the mass media.” [LA Times | Salon]

Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren Trade Jabs on Morning Joe. Both candidates used their morning appearance at Fenway Park to take aim at the other’s credibility. [The Hill]

Rev. Bradley Schaeffer Resigns from BC Board of Trustees. “When Brad joined the board, when Father Schaeffer joined the Board of Trustees at Boston College, we weren’t aware of what was going on in Chicago,” BC spokesman Jack Dunn said. “All of us were completely focused on what was going on here in Boston. We weren’t aware he had issues supervising Don McGuire, who by all accounts is a monster.” [WBUR]

Tourists: Boston is Most Expensive City for Lodging. Visitors to Boston will have to spend an average of $194 per night for a hotel room, which is 24 bucks higher than a hotel room in NYC, according to a new survey by This news comes on the heels of the revelation that touring Boston is only slightly less than NYC when accounting for food, cab fare, drinks, and lodging. []

Will Somebody Please Call Morgan Freeman? Herald movie critic Brett Michel is none too happy with Tim Allen’s narration in “Chimpanzee,” which hits theaters on Earth Day. [Herald]