Face It: The Bruins Have Championship Swagger

Let’s Face It: The Bruins Have Championship Swagger. A fan gives his take on why the Bruins are the team to beat in the NHL playoffs. Game 7, anyone?  [Yahoo]

Why Kelly Ayotte Should Be Mitt Romney’s No. 2. Over at the Herald, Joe Battenfield lays out why Romney should pick Ayotte, “an attractive, intelligent, 42-year-old mother of two with a background in criminal justice” as his veep. Everyone else says Ayotte is a longshot, mostly because she’s from another New England state, has been in the Senate for just two years, and most of America’s first response is “Kelly who?”  [Herald]

Elizabeth Warren Has a New Campaign Video. “I grew up in a family hanging on by our fingertips to our place in the middle class,” she says, before putting on her consumer advocate hat. “Back then, America invested in kids like me; we had a lot of opportunities. Today, Washington lets big corporations like G.E. pay nothing — zero — in taxes, while kids are left drowning in debt to get an education.”  [NYT]

Western Massachusetts Gets Some Love from Dr. Westchesterson in New Music Video. The video features a highlight reel including the Pioneer Valley, the Hippodrome in Springfield, Agawam High School, Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts in Southwick, and more. On his blog, Dr. Westchesterson writes: “… the music video for my singe, ‘413’, has just gone VIRAL in Western Massachusetts. I am humbled and amazed by the outpouring of sentiment shown by the good people of W. Mass.  It’s been an incredible 48 hours since dropping the video this past Friday (April 20th- my birthday).”  [YouTube]

Hit a Pothole in Boston? There’s an App for That. The City of Boston wants you to report potholes via the Street Bump app, but of course, not while you’re still driving.  [WBUR]