A Jack Attack to Get Ready for the Bruins

jack edwards

(Jack Edwards photo by Scott Lacey.)

It’s Game 7 at the Garden tonight for the Bruins and Capitals. How could you not be excited? I was already pretty pumped, and then I heard the “New Jack” Edwards bit on the Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich show this morning. Basically, it’s NESN’s admittedly crazy Bruins play-by-play man Jack Edwards rapping. What better way to start my morning? Whatever you think of Edwards, you have to at least admire his willingness to make a fool of himself.

Riding my Jack Edwards high (to me, his schtick is so ridiculous that I find it more amusing than grating, though I get why plenty of people think the opposite), the first thing I did when I came into work was head to one of my favorite websites, thisbuildingisvibrating.com, a Jack Edwards soundboard. There, I relived such classic Jack Edwards calls as his rant on the Boston Tea Party and these “Free and Independent States,” his ode to the Bruins as a “Rag-Tag Group of Farmers,” (you know, the ones who took on the British), and of course, his classic call of, “GET UP!” Just when I thought my life couldn’t get better, it turns out that Dan Ryan, the genius behind the website, has made a second page full of classic Jack, including even more of my favorite moments, like his admonishment to the world, “Don’t … Poke … The … Bear!”

So there you have it. What better way to get yourself ready for Game 7 than listening to Jack Edwards rap and generally go crazy? It’s what our founding fathers would have wanted.