CEOs Rank Massachusetts as One of Worst States for Doing Business

CEOs Rank Massachusetts as One of Worst States for Doing Business. Massachusetts fell two spots from last year’s ranking, this year coming in at No. 47, only ahead of Illinois, New York, and California. The top state is Texas (again), followed by Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Indiana. [Chief Executive Magazine]

Google’s Eric Schmidt Will Speak at Boston University Commencement. The news that Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, will receive an honorary Doctor of Science degree and deliver the university’s 139th commencement address came to more than 2,000 seniors, who attended the annual Senior Breakfast yesterday morning. On a related note, associate editor Casey Lyons takes a look at the knowledge, wisdom, and cash that go into pulling together a commencement speech. [BU Today]

Democrats Are PO’d at Elizabeth Warren, But Insist There’s No Hand-Wringing. This, and other quotes from anonymous insiders who use an awful lot of qualifiers. [Herald]

Microsoft to Open Flagship Store in Former Ann Taylor Space at the Pru. For all of your PC and non-iPhone/iPad/iAnything needs. [Biz Journals]

New Mass. Foreclosure Hotline is Slammed by Callers. “We’ve gotten about a 1,000 phone calls,” Martha Coakley said on Thursday morning of the week-old state hotline, which is for residents who fear the foreclosure of their homes. “We average 200 to 300 calls a day from people who are in distress about the mortgage or what they’re concerned about in the future.” [MetroWest Daily]

Why The Hell Is Nabisco Testing a Round Saltine Cracker in New England? If it ain’t broke, DON’T “FIX” IT. []