Babe Ruth's Sudbury Home Up for Sale

Babe Ruth’s Sudbury Home Up for Sale for $1.65 Million. Home Plate Farm, where Ruth lived for a couple of years after he was sent to enemy territory, is on the market. Sure, it’s cool that the 5,000 square-foot home has five bedrooms, two-and-a-half-baths, a fully loaded kitchen, and vaulted ceilings, but we think it’s even cooler that the floor in one room has burn marks where Ruth would flick his cigar ashes.  [Herald | AP]

Foxborough Votes In Favor of Anti-Casino Board Members. The new casino law in Massachusetts means that a town’s board of selectmen has the power to choose whether the town will open negotiations with a casino developer. And last night, Foxborough voters gave a pretty resounding “Nay” for a casino by filling in the two available seats with casino opponents: Virginia M. Coppola, who was elected with 3,608 votes, and Lorraine Brue, who was re-elected with 3,500 votes. The Foxborough board of selectmen now stands at 4-1 in opposition to opening up negotiations with Kraft/Wynn.  [WBUR]

Rick Santorum Gives Mitt Romney a Lukewarm Endorsement. In an e-mail! In the 13th paragraph!  [Christian Science Monitor]

Feel-Good Story of the Week: Dog Saves Owner’s Life. A pit bull named Lilly is now a canine hero. Last weekend, an engineer of a freight train saw Lilly, 8, pulling her owner, Christine Spain, from the train tracks in Shirley. Spain fell onto the tracks and was unconscious as the train approached. The engineer tried to stop, but couldn’t avoid hitting Lilly, who suffered a fractured foot and pelvis as well as other internal injuries. Lilly is undergoing treatment at MSCPA-Angell.  [WCVB]

Watch: Harvard Baseball Has a “Call Me Maybe” Cover Video. This could be the most exciting part of the season.  [YouTube]