Boston Ties for 11th Most Economically Powerful City in the World

Boston Ties for 11th on List of World’s Most Economically Powerful Cities. The Atlantic is kicking off a new series looking at “the past and future of the world’s global capitals” by crunching the five key rankings from research teams, think tanks, and global consulting firms — the Martin Prosperity Institute’s Global Economic Power Index, The Economist‘s Global City Competitiveness Index, AT Kearney’s Global Cities Index, the McKinsey Global Institute’s Global City GDP 2025, and the Global Financial Centers Index — and coming up with, essentially, a ranking of rankings. Boston tied with Seoul and Beijing for 11th; NYC topped the list, followed by London, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong (tie for fourth), Chicago, Singapore, Shanghai, L.A., and Zurich. [The Atlantic]

By 2030, Almost Half of American Adults Will Be Obese. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released this disheartening prediction, which hinges largely on the prediction that three of four obese children will become obese adults. In related news from Channel 5, a Boston company called LipoLight promises DIY liposuction. [WCVB]

Senate’s Version of Health Bill is Strikingly Similar to House Bill. On an encouraging note (see above), both bills emphasize preventative care and wellness. The Globe sums up the differences between the two versions: “The Senate bill appears to allow doctors and hospitals more leeway to find their own solutions, while the House appears to want more oversight.” [WBUR]

NStar is Down to the Wire on Yet Another Deadline. Menino’s office gave NStar a 60-day deadline after the last blackout to file a report — meaning the report is due sometime early next week, and as of yet, no one’s seen it. Menino’s spokeswoman Dot Joyce told the Globe that the situation is “concerning.” NStar, just a hint on deadline management: Thanks to yesterday’s hiccup, there’s no way this one’s going to go unnoticed. [Globe]

Celtics, Why Do You Do This To Us? We’re finally over the Patriots, still sore about the Bruins, and, well, we have our hands full with the Sox. So Thursday night it is? [ESPN]

Please Take a Moment and Pay Your Respects to #Wynning. That is all. [Herald]