The Hunt for Stolen Gardner Paintings Continues in Connecticut

The Hunt for the Stolen Gardner Paintings Continues in a Connecticut Yard. More specifically, in 75-year-old Robert Gentile’s yard, which is being dug up in search of the 13 paintings worth nearly a half-billion dollars that were stolen from the Gardner Museum in 1990. Federal prosecutors have said they believe Gentile has ties to mob families in Philly in Boston — and that he has info about the heist or the paintings’ whereabouts. Defense attorney Ryan McGuigan maintains that his client doesn’t have any info about the heist — and that the only thing they’ll find in the yard is a bunch of worms. [Herald]

Massachusetts is Pretty Happy With Obama’s Stance on Gay Marriage. “There’s no question that the work we did here so many years ago really laid the foundation for America’s evolution on this issue,” Kara Suffredini, executive director of Mass Equality, told the Globe. “It’s hard to imagine anything more significant to the marriage equality movement than the most powerful leader in the world declaring his support for equal rights for LGBT people.” [ | WBUR]

Is This Massachusetts or Arizona? Starting on May 15, the federal government will launch the “Secure Communities” program in Massachusetts, much to the Patrick administration’s chagrin. With S-Comm, anyone who’s arrested and fingerprinted will have their fingerprints submitted for an immigration check by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Matthew R. Segal, legal director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, says in a guest blog post that bringing S-Comm to Massachusetts is “an immigration dragnet that risks pushing Massachusetts toward an Arizona-style ‘show me your papers’ regime.” []

MBTA is First Transit Station to Offer Indoor Google Maps of Stations. It launched last night, and it’s only for Droid users (who, by definition, are pretty lost, anyway). Indoor maps for T stations are a good idea if you consider that another bunch of people walking around while staring at their smartphones at least won’t be aimlessly walking around while staring at their smartphones. [Metro Boston]

Menino Calls NStar Arrogant and Non-Responsive. In sum. [CBS]

RIP Carleton Beane, The Voice of Fenway Park. Beane, 59, died Wednesday after suffering an apparent heart attack as he was driving in central Massachusetts. He had been Fenway Park’s announcer since 2003. Back in 2008, he told us: “When I get that instant response, a feeling washes over me like, this is where I should be. This is what I know I was put on earth to do.” [WCVB]

Calico Lobster Found at Jasper White’s Summer Shack is One in 30 Million. The lobster, now named Calvin, almost wound up on someone’s plate but is now en route to the Biomes Marine Biology Center in Rhode Island. [NY Daily News]