Scott Brown on Gay Marriage: 'States Should Decide'

Scott Brown: Gay Marriage Should Be Left to States. In a statement, Brown wrote: “Here in Massachusetts, gay marriage has been settled law for nearly a decade, and I continue to believe that states should be able to decide this issue. Regardless of how states choose to define marriage, I believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect.”  []

Feds Find No Gardner Paintings in Connecticut. They didn’t recover any missing artwork in yesterday’s big dig, but they did find two guns.  [Herald]

Celtics Beat Hawks in Game 6, Advance to Second Round. A bit too close for comfort toward the end, but at least we didn’t get it totally handed to us like the Lakers. Thanks for that, Garnett.  [ESPN]

Could Massachusetts Still Be a Swing State? It’s possible — but not very likely — that Massachusetts will go for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama, but we could become a somewhat of a battleground state for the U.S. Senate.  [WBUR]

Bill Belichick’s Son Joins Patriots Staff. The Pats announced on Thursday that Steve Belichick will join the staff as a coaching assistant. Steve is the third generation of Belichicks in the coaching ranks, but there’s only one who dons the hoodie.  [AP]