Deval Patrick for Supreme Court? Deval Patrick for a Cabinet Appointment?

Deval Patrick for Supreme Court? Deval Patrick for a Cabinet Appointment? This morning, Patrick told a group of business leaders, “I’m not going anywhere,” but that hasn’t stopped the speculation surrounding a move to Washington, D.C., for Patrick, Obama campaign ambassador, world traveler, and Massachusetts governor. Jerry Mileur, UMass Amherst political science professor emeritus, told the Herald that if Obama wins in November “… an appointment in Washington is a reasonable thing to speculate about. But I think it’s more likely to be a Cabinet position, since a Supreme Court position might be too controversial.” [Herald | Globe]

Boston Ranks No. 10 Best Place in U.S. for New College Grads. Yes, you read that right, 10th in the entire United States out of 25 metro areas included in the ranking. Good thing it doesn’t factor in things like nightlife, or else we’d probably barely edge out No. 25, Ames, Iowa. [Atlantic Cities]

MBTA Could Hand Over Station Naming Rights to Advertisers. The cash-strapped T is looking for, well, cash, and one solution reportedly in the works is a naming-rights program that would give us a whole set of corporate-inspired T stops for engineers to howl over the loudsystem. “If we move forward with this initiative, it must be done in a manner that is consistent with the distinctive character and attributes of America’s first subway,” Jon Davis, the MBTA’s interim GM. So no Boloco Station then? [Metro Boston] Ranks Cambridge as the Second Most-Read City in the U.S. This year’s annual most-read cities ranking is determined from all print/Kindle book, magazine, and newspaper sales since June 1, 2011 (on a per-capita basis for cities with more than 100,000 residents). Alexandria, Va., is No. 1. []

First Food Trucks, Now Fashion Trucks. At least seven fashion trucks are making like the city’s fleet of food trucks and finding a way to legally sell sneakers, athletic wear, vintage, and more. [Boston Business Journal]

And the Town in Massachusetts With the Most Registered Sex Offenders Is … Worcester, with 192 registered Level 3 sex offenders. (Springfield is second with 167 registered Level 3 sex offenders; Boston is third with 161.) [WCVB]