Best Island in the World? Nantucket.

National Geographic: Nantucket is Best Island in the World. It’s so flattering that Nat Geo put Nantucket at the top of the list of best islands in the world in their new release, “10 Best of Everything” — especially considering that other locales on the list included places like the Canary Islands, Capri, and Tahiti. [Nat Geo/Facebook]

Menino Preemptively Addresses Summer Violence. Cutting right to the point: Last summer was bloody (27 murders of Boston’s 63 murders in 2011 occurred between June and August). This summer, Menino says, will be different. “The mayor will unveil a very targeted strategy for summer,’’ Dot Joyce, Menino’s spokeswoman, told the Globe, saying that the strategy will “… aggressively focus on specific areas of our city and specific individuals who perpetrate the majority of the crime.” []

Statue Plans Unveiled for Bill Russell, He of Celtics Greatness. Our prayers have been answered and, at long last, designed. Russell, one of the greats — if not the greatest — in Celtics history, will get a statue on City Hall Plaza next year. Sculptor Antonio Tobias Mendez and architect Matthew Oudens were selected to do the design, which depicts Russell in uniform with his arm around “a youth.” [AP]

Second Juror Makes Like the Rest of Us, Sleeps Through Roger Clemens Trial. At least the court of public opinion has spoken. [WBUR]

New Hampshire Is Having a Rough Week … And It’s Only Wednesday. The Granite State is potentially bleeding taxpayer cash on a dumb bet, and now, state Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, R-Manchester, is under fire for invoking Nazi Germany during a House debate. He apologized this morning (in English, not German). [WCVB]