Kevin Garnett Slams Philly's Fair-Weather Fans

Kevin Garnett Slams Philly’s Fair-Weather Fans. When asked after last night’s game to compare the fans in Boston to “fans” in Philly, Garnett said: “Not even close. You got fans (in Boston) and then you got fair-weather fans (in Philly). Take it how you want.”  [Herald]

Suffolk County Poverty Rate Up 3.3 Percent Between 2007 and 2010. This interactive map from Slate shows the change in poverty nationwide (in 2010, defined as an income of less than $22,113 for a family of four). Suffolk County fares among the worst in the state for increase over the three-year period, along with Barnstable County (4.3 percent increase) and Bristol County (3.5 percent increase). [Slate]

We Need to Talk About Massachusetts. Barack Obama isn’t. Mitt Romney isn’t. Why it’s a little bit odd that no one is talking about health care reform in Massachusetts … yet.  [Washington Post]

The Five Fastest-Growing Public Companies in Mass. Hint: Biotechs do very well. [Boston Business Journal]

Does This Dress Make Gisele Bundchen Look Pregnant? Good thing most women only have to worry about whether the dress makes them look fat.  []