Fresh Fish Coming to Farmers Markets

fresh fishComing soon to a market near you. (Photo by somenametoforget via Flickr.)

Just a few short months after Whole Foods announced they’d no longer accept fish caught in a particular way from local fisherman, it seems the city has found an outlet for all the leftover seafood. Yesterday, the mayor’s office announced a pilot partnership with a few organizations of day-boat fishermen (as in, they only go out for the day, so the fish is fresh). Here’s what Mayor Menino said in a press release:

“For the first time since the original Faneuil Hall Market Place closed its doors in the mid-1900s, Boston residents, workers, and visitors will be able to purchase fresh, healthy day-boat fish in a vibrant urban market setting. This is truly an exciting program that expands access to healthy foods and represents a culinary option that is unique to Boston.”

That’s sort of curious, since it implies the fish being sold at Haymarket on the weekends is something less than fresh. But never mind that; no plan is perfect. It also means there will be no information or Whole Foods-like controls over how (sustainably or unsustainably) the fish is caught, but whatever.

This pilot program helps fisherman while providing good, fresh fish to all of Boston’s neighborhoods. And I do mean all. Part of the initiative (posted here) includes fresh-fish days for farmers markets from Mattapan to Central Square. This whole thing has already started, and my guess is it will be popular. There’s nothing better than grilling up a fresh-caught fish on the barbecue. The fish fry might just become a new Boston institution.