Romney App Causes Twitter Explosion

better amercia romney app


Last night, the Romney campaign released an iPhone photo app intended to get users to take photos, stamp a Mitt Romney slogan on the front, and share the photo with friends. Examples of slogans you can use are: “I’m a Mom for Mitt,” “Day One, Job One,” and “The America We Love.”

Unfortunately for Romney, there was a pretty horrendous typo on the very first slogan: “A Better Amercia.” Yes: A – M – E – R -C – I – A. Ouch. (Above, I included a shot with my office plant promoting “A Better Amercia.”)

More than 12 hours after the app went live, the typo-containing app is still available for download; according to the Washington Post, the Romney campaign has submitted a new version to Apple, which is in the process of approving it. (Considering that many tech workers give more to the Obama campaign, maybe they’re dragging their feet.)

Twitter, of course, almost had a meltdown last night, as excited users started to tweak Romney; Mashable has some of the highlights. And that’s given rise to a Tumblr account of the funniest mashups, including badly misspelled signs, spelling bee contestants, and an Etch-a-Sketch.

Even without the typo, though, the campaign’s decision to release such an app is puzzling, because they were setting themselves up for mischief. Like, say, using a photo of a meth-addicted-looking woman stamped with “I’m a Mom for Mitt.