Tom Brady Plays for New England, Therefore He's Matt Damon

Is that Matt Damon? Or maybe Ben Affleck? Casey Affleck? Ah, who cares, listen to that accent! Hilarious! Say “park the car” for me.

OK, everyone who’s never set foot in Boston, listen up: We are not zoo animals for you to poke, point at, and provoke. Fortunately, the Funny or Die team has come to the rescue, and they’re pointing the finger right at you — the ones who immediately assume that our weekend plans include grabbing a drink with Mark Wahlberg at Cheers.

The hilarious new video takes place in LA and features Tom Brady (who, ironically, is from California) and a Dick’s employee who is wildly entertained by Brady’s apparent Boston accent — to the point that he doesn’t even recognize the greatness standing in front of him. “I’m sorry, man, I can’t understand a word you’re saying,” he says. “Just say something and I’ll spitball with you. Go Sox! That’s some wicked hot chowdahh!”

Brady’s look of complete disgust says it all: We all aren’t the stereotype you wish we were. Stop the madness, people!