Elizabeth Warren Starts Her Comeback

Welcome to politics, Elizabeth Warren: One week you’re down, and the next week, you’re way up.

Following attacks from the Scott Brown campaign over her Cherokee family history — and a less than ready response — Warren bounced back on Sunday and absolutely bludgeoned her Democratic opponent, Marisa DeFranco, at the party’s state convention. Warren took home nearly 96 percent of votes cast, ensuring that DeFranco won’t appear on the September primary ballot. Rather impressively, it’s the most dominant victory for a Massachusetts Democratic in 30 years.

That clears the path for Warren to the general election, allowing her to guard her flank and start throwing punches at Brown. Which she promised to do: “And let me be clear: I am not backing down. I didn’t get in this race to fold up for the first time I got punched.”

Nationally, Democrats are hopeful that she can take him down — the Dems most likely need that Senate seat to maintain their majority. However, her victory at the convention also ensures that Democrats are stuck with her: If they kept DeFranco around, they could have had a second option if Warren’s campaign continues to struggle.