A 'Serious Look' at Huntington Avenue After Cyclist Death

With Death of Kelsey Rennebohm, Huntington Avenue to Get ‘Serious Look.’ Rennebohm, 28, is the BC graduate student who was killed on Friday night by an MBTA bus on Huntington. “We want to take a very serious look at what we can do there,” Mayor Menino said about about the road, pointing out that there have been three accidents in five years and that it doesn’t have bike lanes.  [CBS]

Unsolved Mysteries: The Cause of The Back Bay Power Outages. And a 220-page report on the cause is, apparently, nothing but 220 pages of question marks.  [Boston.com]

How Andrew Bott Turned Around One of the Poorest-Performing Schools in the State. Orchard Gardens Pilot School received federal funding in 2010 because of its consistently poor performance, so principal Andrew Bott used the money to replace 80 percent of his staff, extend the school day from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and hire outside nonprofits to fill in the gaps. And he made a bunch of changes that don’t require a ton of money, too, like giving his students praise over the loud-system and instituting a silence policy in the hallways. The result? Test scores are up, and morale is up, too.  [WBUR]

Martha Coakley Defers 38 Studios Complaints to Rhode Island Dept. of Labor. The office has received seven complaints from unpaid workers.  [Herald]

What’s the Best Way to Take the Silver Line from the Airport? For free, which is happening as part of a 90-day pilot to reduce congestion at Logan. The free rides, underwritten by MassPort, start Wednesday and include free subway transfers at South Station.  [Globe]