All Is Not Lost: There Will Be a Game 7

In the end, the bastards won.

The stage was all set for the Celtics to jam a spike in the throat of Lebron James and his gang of redshirts. Robert Kraft was in the house; so too was funny man Chris Tucker. Even Bill Belichick showed up just in time to take a nap. He didn’t miss much. After three straight wins over the Heat, the water of life ran dry as the Celtics lost Game 6.

Rondo played well, but didn’t dominate. The team closed out each quarter worse than the one before. Three-pointers were as rare as a savory school lunch. But take heart. There is some good news: another chance at Game 7.

So let’s reflect on the good times in the series so far. Dig deep, keep your spirits high, and take a look at how well the C’s have played to get here.

It was Rondo’s World early on in Game 3. Leading the way with 21 points and 10 assists, the little man couldn’t be touched as he made the Heat’s defense look more porous than a screen door.

Game 4 went to OT. Some great Celtics D and a little bit of luck in the final two minutes left Lebron sulking on the bench, watching as the home town team evened the series at 2-2.

When Dwyane Wade blocked Brandon Bass with six minutes to go in the fourth quarter of Game 5, a generation of fans shook their fists in rage, only to watch in exaltation as Rondo tipped the ball to the Man from Guadeloupe for an easy trey.

Paul Pierce stared into the whites of Lebron’s eyes as he sunk a game-clinching three-pointer to win Game 5 and take the Celtics up 3 games to 2.

It was a helluva three-game run. Time to get ready for Game 7.