RFK Jr. Called Mary Kennedy 'Abusive' in Divorce Filing

RFK Jr. Called Mary Kennedy ‘Abusive’ in Divorce Filing. An excerpt from the previously sealed divorce affidavit. [Daily Beast] Plus: This week’s Newsweek cover story by Kennedy historian Laurence Leamer details what he calls the history of Mary’s “long decline,” including an interview with Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Gunderson, who met her and believes she had Borderline personality disorder.  [Newsweek]

The Growing Opposition to a Casino at Suffolk Downs. Yesterday, former Mayor Raymond L. Flynn threw in his support for the No Eastie Casino group.  [Herald]

Middleborough Considers $20 Ticket for Swearing? What the F#&*? A new ticketing policy that ranges from swearing to shoveling snow onto the street is up for debate at tonight’s town meeting.  [WCVB]

Catherine Greig’s Lawyers Ask for Two-Year Sentence. She’ll be sentenced tomorrow and faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.  [CBS]

Wellesley High School ‘You Are Not Special’ Commencement Speech Goes Viral. You almost have to wonder what kind of feedback English teacher David McCullough, Jr., left on his students’ term papers. [YouTube | Swellesley Report]