Tom Brady the Comedian Is Back: This Time 'Behind The Scenes'

If you liked the deadpan comedy stylings of Tom Brady the first time, chances are you’ll come back for more.

That seems to be the thinking over at Funny Or Die, which has released a “behind-the-scenes” companion to last month’s popular video of Brady dealing with a store clerk making fun of his non-existent Boston accent. The vid pulled in more than 1.2 million views. This one features “super fan” Mike Mitchell debasing himself and fawning all over the NFL star. Classic moments — though you can hardly call them that — include the “super fan” asking Brady to sign his exposed and rather hirsute belly button. Brady’s response: a painful grin and saying he “can smell it.”

Embarrassing in parts, this latest video is less for the comedy connoisseur and presumably aimed more at the die-hard Brady enthusiast. But watch it because you just, almost, kinda have to.