The Worst Restaurants in America for Workers

Uno Chicago Grill, Friendly’s, and Dunkin’ Make List of Worst Restaurants for Workers. Restaurant Opportunities Centers United created the list, which includes pretty much every restaurant you’d expect to see just off the highway. The ranking is based on wages paid to tipped and non-tipped workers, the company’s paid sick leave policy, and whether there’s opportunity for advancement. To make the list, this trio of local chains landed somewhere around not much, not really, and no. [Gawker | NYT]

Curt Schilling, 38 Studios, and Rhode Island Get the Slate Treatment. Matthew Yglesias writes: “You would think that the fact that even Boston VCs and even the Massachusetts government rejected a Red Sox legend’s request would signal that his company was a poor investment. But not, apparently, to the desperate little-brother Red Sox fans of Rhode Island.” [Slate]

Speaking of Schilling, Here’s the Beginning of the Lawsuit Parade. RBS Citizens, more commonly known as Citizens Bank, has sued Schilling to hold him personally responsible for $2.4 million in loans. [Globe]

House Passes MBTA Budget Bailout Bill. The bill, which was met with opposition from House Republicans, helps close the T’s budget gap by reallocating $51 million in transportation funds. [Globe]

The Radiant, Energetic, Coffee-Guzzling Woman Who’s Leading the Fight Against Eastie Casino. Her name is Celeste Myers. [WBUR]