John Connolly on the Conspiracy of the Whitey Bulger Trial

John Connolly on the Conspiracy of the Whitey Bulger Trial. “The Justice Department is going to do everything within its power to try to make sure the full story never comes out,” Connolly told the Daily Beast by phone from the clink in Chipley, Fla., where he’s doing 40 years. Connolly said he hopes that Bulger’s apprehension will lead to his own conviction being overturned. “My lawyers have information that since Bulger was brought in, he spoke to FBI agents and told them I had nothing to do with tipping him off [about a pending federal indictment]. And he told them I had nothing to do with this murder in Florida, not one damn thing.” [The Daily Beast]

Inconsistent Penalties for Unlicensed Dancing (And Serious Violence) at Nightclubs. A Herald review of the crime and punishment at Boston’s clubs found a lopsided and inconsistent penalty system that’s heavy on clubs with patrons who can’t help but dance after a few too many — while being too-lenient for times when serious violence goes down. [Insert obligatory Footloose reference here.] [Herald]

Bio International Convention Back in Boston. The convention, which was last in Boston five years ago, is a boon for the city and its now-blossomed biotech industry, but as a Globe editorial points out, there’s still one bleak spot: “… the plateauing of biotech manufacturing jobs, which have hovered around 9,000 for the last five years, compared with 21,000 in Pennsylvania, 43,000 in California and 20,000 in North Carolina. While companies invent drugs in the research labs of Boston, they tend to produce them somewhere else.” [Globe]

20 Photos of Cubicles That Are Better Than Yours. Why? Because these Boston employers allow dogs (and a few cats) to suffer while surrounded by fake walls enjoy the thrill of the modern workplace. [Boston Business Journal]

The Dirtiest, Grimiest Item In a Hotel Room Is Probably Not What You’d Expect. It’s not the bedspread or the tub or the toilet seat or the doorknob. A new study found that the dirtiest item in a hotel room is the TV remote. [CommonHealth]