Senate Approves MBTA Bailout

Senate Approves MBTA Bailout. The bill, approved 26-9, will transfer $49 million from a state fund of surplus auto inspection fees to the MBTA. []

Finally, Someone With a Legit Weapon (Not Wasabi or Sausage Links). Police found a grenade launcher in Michael Stroll’s trunk. [CBS]

Welcome to the Days of Record High Temps. Again. They’re baaaa-aack. [MSNBC]

Massachusetts and Maine Have Least Deadly Hospitals in U.S. “The Hospital Safety Score is unique,” says Melissa Danforth, Interim Senior Director of Leapfrog’s Hospitals Ranking. She says the Leapfrog ranking only considers what puts a patient’s safety at risk, instead of “looking at the reputation of the hospital … We’re really looking to, and wanting to draw attention to, things that could happen to you in a hospital that could kill you.” [Vitals]

Rare Orange Lobsters Turn Up at the Fresh Catch. The five rare lobsters are so orange they look like they’ve already been tossed into a pot of boiling water. [CBS]