Those Harvard Students, They'll Ignite a Social Movement Over Just About Anything

Harvard has removed a Shawmut Construction sign from a construction site on campus that encouraged workers to “Show respect for Harvard” after students started protesting the social injustice of said sign. The Crimson reports:

The text of the sign informed workers that they are “working within an operational environment on a world famous campus,” and asked them to “please display the highest level of respect for the students, faculty, and their campus at all times.”

The sign noted that this meant no swearing, “inappropriate comments,” smoking, as well as “zero(!) tolerance for drugs and/or alcohol.” Workers were also expected to keep noise as low as possible, not park on campus, and were instructed to not enter any other campus buildings.

Not written on the sign is the clearly obvious and implied instruction to read between the lines and deduct that this all means that Harvard students are better than construction workers. But the only thing worth noting here is that it’s the Harvard students who felt it necessary to remind everyone where they stand … not the construction workers, who’ve been working with this sign for years. [Crimson | Herald]