Curt Schilling: I'm Tapped Out

Curt Schilling: I’m Tapped Out. Schilling went on Dennis and Callahan this morning to “discuss a number of topics,” but mostly the only one that anyone cares about these days, 38 Studios. “This was always a potential, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect we’d be either here or close to here up until about two months ago,” he said. “It all happened so fast. It’s been kind of a surreal 60 days, 75 days.” [WEEI | NESN]

Joe Biden’s Security Team vs. Itself. Nearly seven months ago at the Rose and Crown nightclub on Nantucket, the VP’s security team got all brah face and started busting heads of some local police officers after the officers snapped photos of one of the team members getting low with a (female) Secret Service agent. The local police officers turned out to be Air Force guys on the same security detail. Classic mix up. [WCVB]

Brigham and Women’s Patient Receives Artificial Heart. It’s the first artificial heart transplant at the hospital, even though the procedure has been done elsewhere for years. Jim Carelli Jr., 66, received the artificial heart back in February and is awaiting a transplant. “It’s not a difficult choice when you want to live, and I wanted to live,’’ he said. [Globe]

Please Don’t Go Innovation District on the Financial District. It’s not the name that’s off. It’s that there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. [Herald]

A Boston Company Is Making Healthy, Fiber- and Protein-Packed Candy. The company’s president says that Unreal Candy is going to change the world. [Herald]