Obama's Speech at Symphony Hall Draws Crowds, Cheers, and Boos

Obama’s Speech at Symphony Hall Draws Crowds, Cheers, and Boos. “How do you fix the deficit?!” “End the war and tax the rich!” Those were the rallying cries yesterday afternoon as President Obama stopped by Symphony Hall to deliver a speech that capped off a fundraising trip in Boston. “I wanted to support Obama, and this will probably be my one and only chance to see him,” Jennifer Roderick, of Arlington, said while standing in line before the speech. [WBUR | Herald | NESN] — Sarah Burke, Rosemary Chandler, and Tom Vellner contributed reporting

Another Day, Another Plan for WFNX. Yesterday, the Globe announced its plans to launch an online radio station with most of the talent from WFNX. This morning, the Phoenix posted an announcement that begins with “So . . . it’s been an odd day to say the least” and continues to detail the station’s plans to stream online after 101.7 FM is sold to Clear Channel later this summer. [WFNX.com]

SCOTUS Opinion Strikes Down Mandatory Life Sentencing for Juveniles Who Murder. Sixty-one Massachusetts prisoners who are serving their lives in jail for murders they committed before turning 18 could be able to file an appeal now that the Supreme Court has struck down mandatory life sentences for juveniles convicted of murder. In the majority opinion, Justice Elena Kagan wrote: “Under these schemes, every juvenile will receive the same sentence as every other — the 17-year-old and the 14-year-old, the shooter and the accomplice, the child from a stable household and the child from a chaotic and abusive one.” [Boston.com]

People in Middleborough Are #$%@#! Angry About Swearing Fines. About 100 people gathered yesterday to protest the town’s new ordinance, which allows the police to fine people for swearing in public. No word on the kind of language used during the protest. [Boston.com]

‘Flipping Boston’ Reality Show Is Actually About Real Estate. The show airs on A&E this fall and features Hanover contractor Steve Sweeny, of Kaks Home Improvement. [Patriot Ledger]