Massachusetts Reacts to Health Care Ruling

Massachusetts Residents React to Health Care Ruling. Residents reacted with a sigh of relief, and dozens of people who had a hand in shaping and implementing the law in Massachusetts felt “immense pride” immediately after the announcement of yesterday’s ruling. “It feels like a clear validation of the framework we developed in 2006,” Andrew Dreyfus, chief executive of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, told the Globe. “It will also give momentum to our effort to focus on cost and affordability, which is the next chapter. The same way we set an example for the country on coverage, we can create a model around affordability.’’ []

NBA Draft: Celtics Pick Sullinger, Melo, and Joseph. Sullinger, a forward who played two seasons at Ohio State, was the C’s 21st pick in the first round. On a related note, Austin Rivers went 10th overall to the Hornets, 29 years to the day that Doc Rivers was picked 31st overall by Atlanta. “I’m just a proud father,” Doc Rivers told the Globe. [ | Globe]

The Reviews Are In for Ted, Starring Mark Wahlberg and a Foul-Mouthed Teddy Bear. The verdict? The movie has more of an emotional core than you may think. Also: don’t go if you’re a prude. []

Two BU Students Compete for Miss Massachusetts This Weekend. Lauren Ashleigh Lyles, the reigning Miss Middleboro, and Nicole DiBlasi, the reigning Miss Taunton, are hoping to follow in the footsteps of another BU student: Olivia Culpo, the reigning Miss USA. [BU Today]

Great White Shark Spotted Near Chatham. The 16-footer was chasing gray seals. [WCVB]