This Afternoon, Navy SEALs to Parachute Onto the Common

This Afternoon, Navy SEALs to Parachute Onto the Common. The elite parachute team will drop from 12,500 feet at 2 p.m., performing stunts in mid-air on their way to the ground. []

Everyone Becomes a Constitutional Scholar Around the Fourth of July. Chapter 1: The Humarock bon fire ban. [Herald]

Shocker: This HuffPo Article on PS Gourmet Includes Every Awful Boston Stereotype Ever. Wicked awesome. Dropped R’s. A visit to Beantown. Facepalm. [Huffington Post]

Riding the MBTA is Officially More Expensive. With little fanfare, the MBTA rolled out its new, increased rates yesterday. The higher rates, implemented in an effort to help balance the T’s budget deficit, come on the heels of the longest streak of ridership growth in history with an average of 1.341 million passenger trips each weekday.

Now, a rapid transit or trolley Charlie Card will be $2.00 a single ride, up from $1.70, with a Charlie Card single bus ride at $1.50, up from $1.25. A Charlie ticket trolley ride will now be $2.50 rather than $2.00, and a Charlie ticket bus ride $2.00 up from $1.50. A monthly pass for rapid transit on the T will be $70, up from $59.00. Student rates and discount still apply and can be viewed on the MBTA website.

“This unprecedented ridership growth is a credit to all of the hard work we’ve done to deliver reliable, safe, and convenient service on a regular basis,” said Jonathan Davis, the T’s acting general manager, in a statement. — Gina Tomaine

Photos from Navy Week 2012. But is Boston able to show the boys in blue a good time? []