Aaaand the Sox Are in Last Place

Aaaand the Sox Are in Last Place. After a 7-3 loss to the Yankees on Sunday, the Red Sox fell into last place in the AL East. Will the All-Star break help them regroup for the second half of the season? God, let’s hope so. [ESPN]

The Water’s Fine! Just Don’t Mind the Great White. “I like that the shark is here,” Anna Byrnes, 15, said after taking a dip. Apparently, beachgoers weren’t too phased by the great white sighting at Nauset Beach in Orleans on Saturday. [Globe]

The 31st Time’s the Charm? GOP Will Make Yet Another Attempt to Repeal Obamacare. In a bill called the “Repeal Obamacare Act,” House Republicans will vote today to overturn the President’s Affordable Care Act. Though this is their first legislative response after SCOTUS upheld the ACA, it is their 31st attempt to dissolve the healthcare law. [WBUR]

MBTA Bus Crashes into Truck Connected With New Sandra Bullock Movie. An MBTA bus and a truck associated with the production of a new Sandra Bullock movie collided in Roxbury today. At least 11 people were taken to the hospital, according to authorities, but none had life-threatening injuries. Perhaps, some free movie tickets are in order. [WCVB]

Elizabeth Warren is Seeing Green with Latest Fundraising Report. Warren announced this morning that she raised a whopping $8.67 million in April, May, and June — her most lucrative fundraising quarter yet. []