Big Dig Debt Gets Its Swell On (To The Tune of $24.3 Billion)

Big Dig Debt Gets Its Swell On (To The Tune of $24.3 Billion). High-ranking transportation authorities told lawmakers yesterday that the country’s most expensive transportation project is more expensive when it includes interest on borrowing. The debt is “a drain of 550 million out of state resources that could be going to bridge, road construction elsewhere,” says Rep. George Peterson (R-Grafton). “But undoubtedly we are going to have to come up with revenue.” [AP]

So Maybe the Great White Shark Isn’t a Great White But Just a Regular Shark. The maybe regular shark may have been grazing for some tasty plankton, rather than a kayaker from New Hampshire. []

Gronkowski Goes Naked With Hulk Hands for ESPN Cover. ESPN The Magazine‘s Body Issue featuring a cover of Gronk being Gronk hits newsstands on Friday. [Bleacher Report]

Hypothetical Situation: What If The Sox Blow Up Their Roster? Intriguing, yet unlikely, writes Ben Shapiro. []

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg Want to Take Wahlburgers Global. But first, they’re looking for a second location in Greater Boston. “Both of them see great potential for it, somewhere well down the road, to be a global chain,” says Rick Vanzura, a former executive with Panera who’s now CEO of Wahlburgers. “The road has to run through location No. 2, in Boston.” [Patriot Ledger]