Massachusetts Senate Race is a Battle of the Bucks

On Wednesday, the Scott Brown campaign released their fundraising numbers for the last quarter, sharing that the Senator pulled in $5 million from supporters — his best fundraising cycle to date. That’s not chump change, but it still comes up short when compared with the $8.6 million Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has accrued in the same period. With the national exposure drawing big wallets to the table, the Massachusetts Senate race is on track to be the costliest in the country, and both campaigns have been spending heavily in the past few months. Right now, although the Warren campaign has raised more money overall ($24 million to Brown’s $17 million raised in this election cycle), Brown still has the edge with $15 million in the bank, thanks in part to a $7 million slush fund left over from his special election campaign. Warren, in turn, has $13.5 million to draw from at the moment.

Both campaigns are pointing to the number of in-state residents who have been providing donations, though those numbers are far from complete. So far, Warren’s team has said that 40,500 Massachusetts voters have donated, while the Brown campaign has said that two-thirds of his donations have come in locally. Both teams have to file complete numbers by Sunday, and it will take a few weeks until we get the complete breakdown of who’s lining each campaign’s pockets.

Until then, be sure to wish both candidates a happy anniversary today. Both Brown and his wife, Gail Huff, and Warren and her husband, Bruce Mann, were married on July 12. But something tells me they won’t be sending each other roses.