Robert Kraft Says He Regrets Audition Video

Robert Kraft Says He Regrets Audition Video. Imagine how uncomfortable Pats owner Robert Kraft felt when the audition tape he made with actress Ricki Noel Lander went public. Kraft apologized for the mostly humorous (but sometimes inappropriate) vid. “I am going to stick to my day job,” Kraft jokes. We’re cool if he just leaves that kind of thing to Gronkowski from now on. [CBS]

Deval Patrick Strikes a Deal with Mashpee Wampanoag. After much ado, the tribe sealed the deal on a $500 million resort casino in Taunton (finally). The deal “balances the interests of the Commonwealth with the inherent rights of the people of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe,” Patrick said. []

Do These Two-Passenger Hikiro Cars Look Dumber Than Smart Cars? While we love the environmentally-friendly Hikiro cars out of MIT, we can’t help but feel like we’d look a little too George Jetson-y while cruising down Comm Ave. [Pacific Standard]

Happy Anniversary, Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren! Today, the candidates celebrate their wedding anniversary (but not to each other, of course). [Globe]

Accountable Care Organizations: Like Unicorns Dancing Around Rainbows? That’s how the Wonkblog puts it — no really, with a photo and everything — except they’ve really spotted a unicorn in Massachusetts, or something like it. [Washington Post]