Menino Pushes for More Tiny, Expensive Studio Apartments

Menino Pushes for More Tiny, Expensive Studio Apartments. With nearly one-third of the country living alone, developing living spaces for singles may be just what the housing market needs. Mayor Menino is looking to develop more micro units in Boston in the realm of 375 square-feet (and rent up to $1,500 per month). []

Joe Kennedy III: A Shoo-In for Congress? Having raised $1.3 million this past quarter (and with $2 million already in the bank), Joseph P. Kennedy III may be “impossible to beat” in his race for a Massachusetts congressional seat, according to political observers. Considering his balance sheet, he could easily open the next chapter of the Kennedy political legacy. But at least one person isn’t buying it — Kennedy’s opponent, Sean Bielat. “He’s running on his family name and using his family connection’s money,” Bielat told the Herald. “It’s not a surprise. You don’t hear him talk about issues. What you do see is a lot of invitations to high-end fundraisers floating around the Internet.” [Herald]

Which Massachusetts Towns Have the Highest Property Taxes? Try not to cringe as you click through the slideshow of the top 100 towns. [WCVB]

The Herald Endorses Condoleezza Rice for VP. “Romney needs the kind of foreign policy gravitas that Rice would bring to the ticket,” the Herald wrote in an editorial this morning. Isn’t that kind of hinting at Romney’s own lack of foreign policy experience, though? Politico thinks so. [Herald]

Mitt Romney, Now Available in T-Shirt Form at Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters, home of all wearable things ironic, is at it again. T-shirts featuring Romney (made-up to look like a member of KISS) have hit shelves, and they’re right up the store’s it’s-an-inside-joke alley. According to New York magazine, “Mitt Romney’s stiff, suit-wearing persona is exactly the kind of thing the designers at a place like Urban almost certainly can’t help but see as kitsch, and that’s how they rendered it.” [WBUR]