The Stadium Song of Fenway Park? You Guessed It.

The Stadium Song of Fenway Park? You Guessed It. ESPN Playbook is running a series of stadium song traditions that help to define America’s ballparks. For Fenway, it’s none other than Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” during the eighth. So good … so good … so … [ESPN]

New Thing: Stealing David Hasselhoff Ads from Cumberland Farms. Someone at CF had to see this coming when they decided to put the Hoff front-and-center as a cardboard cutout advertising iced coffee. [WHDH]

A State-by-State Comparison of Brown/Warren Fundraising Hauls. Scott Brown’s large donations are coming from Massachusetts, while Elizabeth Warren is raking it in from Massachusetts, too, but also from California, Virginia, and New York. WBUR has a few interesting (er, colorful?) quotes from randomly selected out-of-state donors who were asked why they donated to the Senate race in Massachusetts. [WBUR |]

MIT Has a New Approach to Online Learning That’s Not edX. MIT+K12 pays MIT students $1,000 for each educational science video they create and post on YouTube. Fingers crossed there’s a much, much better version of Bill Nye the Science Guy in there somewhere. [WBUR]

People are NOT Happy that Mission Hill is a Cesspool of ‘Rowdy Punks.’ “The residents, and certainly not police, should not have to put up with this type of activity going on in our neighborhoods,” said Councilor Michael Ross, a resident of the Hill. “It would not be tolerated on campus, and it shouldn’t be tolerated off campus.” Looks like Allston should take a breather. [Herald]