Micro-Entrepreneurship: A New Way to Buy and Sell

Photo via Thinkstock


The rise of micro-entrepreneurship, the selling or sharing of one’s personal commodities or skills, has taken off in recent years, in part through the success of sites like Airbnb, which recently announced that its users had booked over 10 million nights through its service. But while getting $50 for allowing someone to crash in your spare bedroom can make for a nice chunk of change, those who are looking for lunch money can head to Fiverr, which dubs itself “the world’s largest marketplace for small services.” That’s right. You can list services you’re willing to provide for as little as $5 and then watch the Lincolns roll in.

The site is full of goofy fun, as evidenced by the fact that you can pay $5 to have a man sing happy birthday to your friend, in Welsh, wearing only a thong, or have pair of Boston terriers to model for you (if you’d like them to wear wigs it will cost $10 extra). And many local users have already gotten in on the action. For just five bucks, you can find out anything about Cape Cod, have a personal message recorded with a Boston accent, get a package of 10 toe rings sent directly to your home (you can keep them all for yourself or share them with nine of your friends), or you can learn what it’s like to be a lesbian.

But wait, if you’re snickering to yourself for the things people are willing to do for chump change, look to the story of Mary Ingrassia. The 26-year-0ld posted a video offering to promote products using her bird, Pickle, and has since earned over $10,000 from the site.