'I Was Stabbed Four Times in the Back and Neck by a Stranger'

‘I Was Stabbed Four Times in the Back and Neck by a Stranger.’ BU student Annie Ropeik chronicles the nearly two years since she was viciously attacked on a street corner for no reason.

“‘I can’t feel my left leg,’ I said. Though my pain was intense, I could only feel it in little dulled-out patches, through a haze of shock. Still, I was acutely aware that I couldn’t move my leg. It was just gone. I didn’t know what was happening, and I was terrified.”


Harvard Scientists Build a Jellyfish from a Rat. More specifically, the team at Harvard built an artificial jellyfish from a sheet of silicone and rat heart cells. “Morphologically, we’ve built a jellyfish. Functionally, we’ve built a jellyfish. Genetically, this thing is a rat,” says Kit Parker, a biophysicist at Harvard who led the work. [Nature]

Brookline to Meet Over 22 Trees NStar Wants to Chop Down. Two things: First, as Casey Lyons pointed out last week, NStar continues its crusade of sucking by requesting trees be removed so they don’t fall on power lines. And second, the tree warden of Brookline is named Tom Brady, which is interesting because of his name but also because his title is tree warden. [Boston.com]

80-Year-Old Woman Fends Off Armed, Would-Be Robbers with Fruit. Otilia Martins officially became the toughest 80-year-old woman in Massachusetts on Friday when she grabbed anything she could find — which turned out to be mangoes — to pelt two armed robbers inside the Continental Market in New Bedford, who were holding up the clerk at gunpoint. One of the robbers responded by pistol-whipping Martins before taking off, but she barely flinched and refused medical treatment for a cut on her head. [CBS]