Boston Has a Bigger GDP Than Greece, Finland, Venezuela

Boston Has a Bigger GDP Than Greece, Finland, Venezuela. And more, as detailed in this ranking of the gross domestic products of countries against the 50 biggest metropolitan areas in the United States. [Wall Street Journal]

Jon Stewart Gives Menino Big Ups for Calling Out Chick-fil-A. Last night’s Daily Show featured a segment called “Gaywatch,” which wrapped up with Stewart giving Mayor Menino a shout-out for taking a stand against anti-gay Chick-fil-A. Sure, Menino’s comments have been picked up across the country at this point, but the audience’s thunderous applause is what says it all. [Daily Show]

Dustin Pedroia: ‘We’re All Miserable.’ Stating the obvious in more ways than one, Pedroia had this to say after last night’s loss to the Rangers: “I think we’re all miserable. Nobody in here likes losing. We want to win, every single one of us. It’s the big leagues, they went out and executed pitches today and swung the bats great — we didn’t. That’s how it is, if you play better you win.” [CBS]

Six Months In, Youngest Mayor in Massachusetts Is About Where You’d Expect. Alex Morse, the 22-year-old mayor of Holyoke, is finding a mixed bag of results with his initiatives, living in a downtown Holyoke studio that looks like a Starbucks, and meeting a lot of resistance from old-timers, some of whom compare Morse to their own children. [Globe]

George W. Bush Stops by Romney HQ in North End. But Romney is in Reno to speak at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention. [The Hill]