Steve Carell’s Last Meal on Earth Would Be from Wahlburgers

Steve Carell’s Last Meal on Earth Would Be from Wahlburgers. If he had just one meal left to live, Steve Carell would head to Wahlburgers (yes, that Wahlburgers) and order a cheeseburger, fries, and a milkshake. The most important ingredient? That it’s all assembled with tender, loving care. We can only assume that Carell’s referring to Mark Wahlberg with that one. Carell maps out his last meal, why he hates foods on sticks, and more for Bon Appetit‘s regular “Back of the Napkin” section. [Bon Appetit]

Boston/Tokyo Service Exceeds Expectations So Far. Japan Airlines says its Boeing 787 Dreamliner with nonstop service to Tokyo is hitting 90-percent full loads each day, well above the company’s original expectation of 70-percent loads. “The big test will be November, January, and February,” says Keisuke Suzuki, vice president of passenger marketing the Americas. [CBS]

One Innovative and One Not-So-Innovative Way to Fix Potholes. Boston’s Office of New Urban Mechanics devised the free smartphone app Smart Bump, which compiles a ton of crowdsourced data by detecting when a motorist hits a pit in the road. It’s an innovative way to solve a frustrating, potentially dangerous and costly problem. Or, as some wryly suggest, we could fix our potholes by inviting Michelle Obama to town. [Information Week | Herald]

How the London Eye Meets the First Twitter Olympics. It all comes together — visually, at least — in a light show engineered by Boston company Sosolimited. An algorithm analyzes the tone of tens of thousands of Olympics-related tweets, and adjusts the color of lights on the famed Ferris wheel accordingly. [Globe]

Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project, Premiering in September. Kaling plays a single OB/GYN who’s trying to find work/life balance. “I think my character really wants to picture herself as the protagonist in a romantic comedy,” she says. “I’m someone who loves romance. I always have loved it. Most people who grew up as nerds — as I was, surprisingly — have loved romance.” []