Elizabeth Warren To Speak at Democratic National Convention

Yesterday, the Obama campaign announced that Elizabeth Warren would be delivering a speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., this September, and would be sharing the podium that Wednesday with none other than Bill Clinton himself. This is good news for Warren, as more national exposure is always a positive thing, particularly for a first-time candidate. But after weeks of rumors speculating that she was going to be delivering the keynote, it does make you wonder. Obama has been getting heat as of late for comments he made that echoed Warren’s passionate speech made in an Andover living room last August. Warren contended that the money taxpayers provide to support U.S. infrastructure plays a part in helping small businesses succeed, saying that “”there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.”

Obama delivered a rather mangled version of those same remarks earlier this month, and four words of that speech: “you didn’t build that” have become a rallying cry for Republicans, Mitt Romney and Scott Brown among them. Though team Obama says that there was no intentional slight for passing Warren over for the keynote, it’s easy to think that they might want to put some distance between them.

So who is doing the keynote? This morning, Obama’s team announced that San Antonio mayor Julian Castro would be delivering the high-profile address instead, providing an opportunity for the young mayor to get the same kind of attention that Obama himself received back in the 2004 convention.