According to Forbes, Houston is Cooler than Boston

According to Forbes, Houston is Cooler than Boston. In their list of America’s 20 coolest cities, Houston comes in at No. 1, while Boston ranks No. 7. Factors like arts and culture, recreational opportunities, median age, and unemployment rate were included in the calculations. Six spots behind Texas? Pshh. That’s according to Forbes, the magazine that also picked Justin Bieber for the June 4 cover over every other celebrity on its Celebrity 100 list. [Forbes]

Pittsfield Eagle Scout Returns His Badge, Renounces Anti-Gay Policy. After the Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed their ban on homosexual scouts and leaders earlier this month, Pittsfield native Leo Gianni returned his Eagle badge. Receiving this badge is a high honor, with only 3 or 4 percent of scouts earning it, but for Gianni, it was the right thing to do. “I just wanted to show that, look, I don’t feel the same way, and I know that there’s others scouts out there that don’t feel the same way as well,” he said. And he’s right: dozens of other men have also resigned in protest. [CBS]

Rick Gorka to Reporter: ‘Kiss My Ass.’ And the fun continues abroad with the Romney campaign. Today in Poland, journalists shouted questions at Romney as he walked to his car, receiving no answer. One reporter complained to Gorka, a Romney spokesman, about the lack of interview access, to which he replied: “Kiss my ass.” He also told another reporter to “shove it.” Now, if that isn’t class, what is? []

Why You Can Never Find a Seat on the T. In the last fiscal year, there were more than 400 million individual rides on the MBTA — a record high for the transit agency. General Manager Jonathan Davis believes the growth in ridership stems from an improving economy, real-time schedules, and service reliability. Or, no one can afford gas. [WBUR]

Massachusetts is Going to Need a Bigger Boat. Yet another shark incident occurred near Cape Cod yesterday. This time, man suffered non-life-threatening lacerations to his legs after he was apparently bitten by a shark at Ballston Beach, which remained open after the attack. [CNN]