Sam Adams Is Getting a New Look

Sam Adams Is Going to Have a New Look. The Boston Beer Co. is redesigning Sam’s packaging and bottles based on the success of its limited-edition and seasonal beers. “From a packaging perspective, I would like to think that if you walk into retail shelves, I’m going to say three weeks from now, you will see a different look and feel for the Sam Adams packaging on the brand,” CFO Martin Roper says. “There is still the very recognizable iconography, but I think you will see that we have updated it and created a nice billboard.” [Boston Business Journal]

Mitt Romney’s Top-Down Management Style Didn’t Work for Massachusetts Lawmakers. What worked for Romney in the boardroom didn’t go over so well in the “more raucous corridors” of the Massachusetts Legislature. “His approach jolted a clubby political culture where schmoozing over after-hours drinks and cutting backroom deals are well-worn pathways to success,” writes the AP. [AP]

MBTA Spent $21.5 Million on Consultants. MBTA general manager Jonathan Davis would like to point out that the sum is less than 10 percent of the total spending for stimulus projects. [WCVB]

Now We Know The Details of Prom Night for Aly Raisman. Pink roses and a cute ask from a childhood friend. Gold corsage. Salad. Early, coach-mandated curfew. [Herald]

Cape Shark Attack Isn’t a Stunt for Jawsfest. Why it probably won’t take another 76 years until the next shark attack in New England. [WBUR]